Dan Joseph regularly speaks at events for associations, companies, and other groups. Below is a brief description of Dan’s presentations.

The HUMOR of a stand-up comedian


The ADVENTURE of a world traveler



of a global thought leader and award-winning filmmaker

Make global local

If your audience isn’t interested in global issues that’s because they haven’t heard Dan. People really are interested in the world at large, if presented in the right way.  Dan’s blend of entertainment and unique insights make global affairs fun, relatable, and relevant to all audiences.



Accidentally propositioning a group of clients.  Figuring out how to eat scorpions and trying to not eat beetles.  Getting mugged and trying to convince the police it happened.  Karaoke in front of 20K people.  Living in a place as different as China is an incredible adventure.  Your group will laugh hysterically as Dan relates his unusual experiences from living in and traveling to remote parts of China and other countries.  Dan makes global topics fun and funny with his unique approach to understanding the world. 



  • What went wrong in Iraq?
  • Is China friend or foe? What should we do about China?
  • Should America be more interventionist or isolationist?
  • Is trade good for America?
  • Is globalization good for the world?
  • Does business actually help spread democracy?

Is this the funniest China story you've ever heard?

Addressing business issues

National Media Interview

Dan is a well respected expert on China, emerging markets, the global economy, and foreign affairs. He has been interviewed nationally and internationally on a wide range of topics.

If you ask the above questions to a room full of Americans you are likely to get a spirited, passionate debate.  The global economy and international affairs have never been more central to the public debate than they are now.  People are interested in the world, particularly if presented in a unique, engaging, entertaining fashion.  As his award-winning documentary shows, Dan Joseph has a unique perspective on the world that comes from the combination of intense, direct, hands-on experience plus a big-picture, conceptual understanding of the global economy and international affairs.  Whether talking about China, the spread of democracy, trade, the global economy, or foreign affairs, Dan can make thought-provoking insights relatable to all audiences.



“Dan was hysterical. The insights on China were great, too. We loved the combination.”

 “You had the audience the whole time. No one was looking at their phone. No one was checking email. They were all listening, which is pretty impressive.”

 “The best speaker at the conference. No one else was even close.”

“Very intelligent man. Content and stories and presentation are excellent. A real rocket ride.”

“A really informative deep dive into China and what makes it tick. Anybody thinking of doing business in China should talk to Dan first.”

The above are reviews of Dan Joseph’s speaking. References are available upon request.