Dan Joseph regularly speaks at events for associations, companies, and other groups. Below is a brief description of Dan’s presentations.

If you want to entertain, engage, and educate an audience about a universally relevant and important topic, you should consider Dan Joseph for your next event.  


“Dan was hysterical. The insights on China were great, too. We loved the combination.”

 “You had the audience the whole time. No one was looking at their phone. No one was checking email. They were all listening, which is pretty impressive.”

 “The best speaker at the conference. No one else was even close.”

“Very intelligent man. Content and stories and presentation are excellent. A real rocket ride.”

“A really informative deep dive into China and what makes it tick. Anybody thinking of doing business in China should talk to Dan first.”

The above are reviews of Dan Joseph’s speaking. References are available upon request.


It is not an exaggeration to say that there is likely no other speaker in the world like Dan Joseph.  

Humor from his adventures in China, interesting aspects of a fascinating country, valuable, firsthand insights about business and China’s impact on the world—the combination of these elements makes Dan a unique and very effective communicator.


Below are the key aspects of Dan’s content that makes his presentations so unique:

Is this the funniest China story you've ever heard?

Addressing business issues

Making China interesting

Humor and entertainment: Relating the funny side of living in China

The adventure of living in China for 12 years, particularly in remote, off-the-beaten-path places, combined with a great sense of humor, gives Dan the ability to make audiences laugh.

Engaging concepts: China is so different it is absolutely fascinating

China is simply a fascinating place—huge, diverse, different, and changing rapidly. Topics like the Chinese language, cuisine, customs, history, and culture capture an audience’s attention. For many of these topics, Dan will usually only make a brief mention, to engage the audience and introduce a more relevant concept. For other topics, like culture, Dan will go into more detail because it relates directly to business.

Practical Business Lessons: Based on hands-on experience, tailored to your group

Dan has more 20 years of experience managing and doing business in China and conveys practical lessons on a variety of subjects including strategy, management, business development, manufacturing, supply chain, banking and finance, and recruiting.

Global Impact: China is so big it impacts almost everything and everyone

China is so large that, from global growth to the price of gas to global stability, there is hardly an issue China doesn’t impact. Beyond business, Dan addresses topics that people frequently see mentioned in the news relative to China, including: Is China stealing US jobs? Is China stealing US technology? Is China’s economy facing a crisis? Are the US and China competing for influence in the world? Why isn’t China a democracy yet?




A message for all audiences

If you have a….

Business audience: For an audience with an interest in doing business in China, Dan will be a highly credible and effective speaker.


General audience: For an audience that isn’t necessarily directly involved in China but might be interested in a topic of global importance, presented in an entertaining and dynamic manner, Dan will provide a memorable, impactful presentation that will help make your event a success.





Due to his extensive China experience, broad business background, and approach to the topic of China, Dan can address a variety of issues and audiences. Dan can tailor his presentations for a variety of audiences and topics. Dan’s presentations are generally structured as follows:

Dan generally starts by explaining the “local conditions” in China, i.e., the things that make China unique, challenging, and difficult for foreigners to understand.

Local Conditions:

• Culture
• Economic Structure
• Business Environment
• History
• Political System

Dan then relates those local conditions to business challenges in China and offers suggestions for how to adapt to succeed in China. Because Dan can address general issues like strategy and management in China, he can address audiences from virtually any industry that might have an interest in China. Dan can also address many specific industries or functions directly due to his own broad experience in China.

Business Topics

• Building a successful strategy
• Managing for success
• Maximizing individual performance in China
• Preparing your staff for China
• Building your corporate culture
• Performance improvement
• Market entry first steps
• Establishing a distribution channel
• Adjusting your business model to fit China
• Getting quality out of China
• Minimizing turnover
• Making sure you get paid
• Protecting your intellectual property

Best Practices relative to:

• Supply Chain
• Banking and Finance
• Recruiting and retention




China is so large it can’t help but have a huge impact on the world which is why it also can’t help be the center of attention. There is a constant stream of issues that are discussed and debated relative to China and Dan addresses most of them. In doing so he generally explains how the local conditions in China are essential to understanding what is really happening in the country.

General Topics: The Great China Debate

Below are a few examples of general topics Dan also addresses relative to China

Economic Growth: Is China a bubble waiting to burst? Will economic growth continue?

Still on course: Is China still reforming or has economic liberalization ground to a halt?

Fair competition: Is China competing fairly or stealing foreign jobs and technology?

Foreign company treatment: Does China treat foreign companies well?

Military threat: Does China pose a serious military threat? Is conflict with China likely?

Democracy: Why is China dragging its feet on democracy and human rights? Does China risk social unrest because of this?

The environment: Will China’s environmental degradation derail growth?

Benefit for audiences:

Dan’s presentations give audiences an understanding of…

Business: The challenges China presents for business and how to overcome those challenges to succeed in that critical market (and emerging markets in general).

China and the world: How China will impact the world and their lives, including how China will likely develop, what risks there are for China and the rest of the world, what the world needs to do to adapt to China’s rise.

Personal: What it’s like to be immersed in a completely different society and culture.

Additional points

Dan’s content is highly unique and applicable to other emerging markets

Note that Dan’s combination of content, particularly his treatment of “local conditions” and how they relate to strategy and management, is very unique. Most other China experts do not tackle these issues in this comprehensive fashion. The same can be said of Dan’s use of examples and case studies. Few, if any, other speakers have the experience to use this approach.

It is worth noting that, as Dan points out in his presentations, emerging markets all tend to share many of the same characteristics, particularly as relates to culture and the business environment.  In this sense many of the lessons and best practices conveyed relative to China are also applicable to India, Brazil, Russia, and other emerging markets.