Major arrests relative to stealing technology for China

The Main Point

Arrests were made in two cases relative to Chinese nationals (or former nationals) illegally taking technology from US firms where they worked and selling it to companies in China.

Key Events

6 Chinese charged with stealing wireless technology


Six Chinese citizens, including two professors who trained together at the University of Southern California, stole sensitive wireless technology relating to how to filter out unwanted signals in wireless devices from U.S. companies (Avago Technologies and Skyworks Solutions Inc.) and spirited it back to China, the Justice Department charged. The U.S. companies supply components for Apple’s iPhone, among other devices.


The six individuals then set up a joint venture with China’s state-controlled Tianjin University to produce and sell equipment using the technology and won contracts from both businesses and “military entities.”


One defendant, Tianjin University Prof. Zhang Hao, was arrested when he landed at Los Angeles International Airport Saturday after traveling from China,


Temple professor from China charged with stealing technology


The chairman of Temple University’s physics department, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in China, schemed to provide U.S. technology secrets to China in exchange for prestigious appointments for himself, federal authorities said in charging him with four counts of wire fraud. He faces up to 80 years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted.


Prosecutors said the 47-year-old Xi had participated in a Chinese government program involving technology innovation before he took a sabbatical in 2002 to work with a U.S. company that developed a thin-film superconducting device containing magnesium diboride.

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