Charges dropped in industrial espionage case

The Main Point

A Chinese professor working at Temple University had been charged with stealing technology. Based on evidence produced by the defendant’s attorney, the prosecutors have dropped the case.

Key Events

Stealing superconductor technology

Xiaoxing Xi was charged in May with wire fraud for allegedly scheming to defraud a U.S. company by sharing its superconductor technology with China.


Charges dropped

The Justice Department dropped charges against the former head of Temple University’s physics department.


Routine information, not IP

According to Xi’s attorney the information at questions was “part of routine academic collaboration and didn’t contain any information that was restricted or covered by any nondisclosure agreements.” Xi’s side presented affidavits from experts in Mr. Xi’s field who agreed with the professor’s position.


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U.S. Drops Charges That Temple University Professor Sought to Give Tech Secrets to China