American arrested for espionage

The Main Point

Another foreign businessperson has been detained by Chinese authorities for “espionage.” No details have been released as yet.

Key Events

American woman detained and arrested

Sandy Phan-Gillis’s, has been held by authorities in China for the past six months accused of stealing state secrets. In September she was formally arrested.


Had been on trade visit

Mrs. Phan-Gillis, a naturalised American born in Vietnam, was detained in March, during a trade visit to promote the Texan city of Houston. She was president of the Houston Shenzhen Sister City Association and consulted for Chinese and US businesses. She had previously visited China hundreds of times.


No details yet

China has not announced any details relative to the investigation. It isn’t clear how an ordinary business person could have been involved in espionage. In the past other foreigners have been arrested on similar charges owing to activities that are not considered illegal in most countries.


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