Our broad experience in China allows us to address a broad array of issues, examples of which are provided below.

Most issues we can handle ourselves.  For others, we might provide advice and support in conjunction with a service partner that has expertise and resources in a particular area.  Regardless of the issue you are trying to address, consider us to be a useful source of information and input.  An initial consultation is always complimentary.  Usually we can give you some good ideas during that first call.  At the very least, for situations where we can’t provide direct service, we can usually provide a referral to another firm or point you in the right direction.


  • Evaluating the local market
  • Adapting the business model
  • Syncing strategy with operations
  • Getting started and established


  • Adapting and implementing the management system
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Increasing visibility into the operation


  • Evaluating and managing leaders
  • Recruiting and retaining employees
  • Shaping the corporate culture
  • Integrating China with the rest of the company

Functional areas

  • Supply chain
  • Banking and finance