This Month in a Nutshell

A slow month with a big win

The economy still looks weak.

 Liberalization is still moving slowly.

The government is still cracking down on dissent.

On the bright side, for China, they score a big diplomatic victory (at America’s expense.)

 And a few small steps were taken to help avoid a trade war, which is a good thing.


With no major surprises or new initiatives being announced at the National People’s Congress, March was a fairly uneventful month for China, with the exception being the huge victory relative to the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank….click for more


March Question

March Question

马 上 means c.) immediately or hurry up, as in move like you’re on a horse

China favors debt to slower growth (for now)

Economy: China takes action to stimulate the economy, indicating that, as it tries to balance growth and debt in 2015, in the short term it is willing to take on…

January, 2015 Executive Summary

    The year 2015 started with mixed news on the economy—confirmation that it slowed in 2014 and that debt levels rose, with China’s leaders sounding like they want to…