Capitalism kills? Think again.

“Capitalism kills” read one of the signs at the protests at the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany where a reported 100,000 people took to the streets, cars were burnt, property…

Chinese Exceptionalism: Is China the new role model?

Is China on the way to becoming the new role model for the world, supplanting the US?  Not so fast.  Yes, China has been on a roll for forty years. …

Donald Trump: Good for Free Trade?

America’s most protectionist president in recent history might just become the best thing to happen to free trade in decades.   Days before the start of the G20 Meeting in…

US v. China Showdown: Is China still communist?

My first job in China was to manage a joint venture in a remote mining town.  Our partner was an old-line Chinese state owned enterprise—a real communist organization.  The CEO…

US v. China Showdown: China is still a low income country

  My experience is that, when Americans go to China for the first time, the first two things they notice and comment on are 1.) that Chinese people often don’t…

US v. China: The “Frenemy” Showdown

Donald Trump has said China is “raping” the US.  He accused China of perpetrating the greatest heist in history by taking wealth from the US.  Then he broke 40 years…

US out of TPP: Is that good for China?

Signaling that he is indeed serious about trade, one of Donald Trump’s first acts in office was to put a halt to US participation in the Transpacific Trade Partnership or…

Chinese History Lesson 2: PUSHING (DRUGS) INTO CHINA

As trade with China grew countries like England ran a trade deficit with China which led to the outflow of silver to pay for Chinese imports. Opium sales, from opium raised in India, reverses the outflow of silver.  

This month in a nutshell

This month in a nutshell

A “secret” summit and

an economy that can’t gain traction


Xi visits Obama (and America hardly noticed)

Presidential summits are usually long on hype and short on substance. This one was short on both. President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US was timed to coincide with the Pope’s visit

This Month in a Nutshell

This Month in a Nutshell

The Middle Kingdom is the Center of Attention

 From driving global markets and to irking Donald Trump, China was never far from the headlines in August.


Devaluation thrusts China into US campaign

It started when China executed a minor devaluation of its currency (which was actually a readjustment that bowed to market forces). Some took this as the first step in an inevitable currency war which then became a political football in the American presidential campaign, with Donald Trump leading the way.