Our main goal is to make you into a China expert.

More specifically, we want to help companies avoid major mistakes and achieve their objectives in China and also help managers and professionals make their own decisions and be more effective in that highly critical yet challenging market.

In this section of our website you will find posts, white papers, and downloadable materials are geared toward the above goals. In general information will fall into one of the following categories:

Local Conditions: China is difficult because it is different. A solid understanding of China starts with understanding these differences in the local conditions. We will provide materials relative to the most substantial differences, including the culture, economic structure, and business environment.

Killer Mistakes (Strategy & Mangement): The biggest mistakes that companies and individuals make in China are those relative to strategy and management. Mistakes in these areas often arise because companies fail to adapt to the local conditions. We will provide best practice suggestions to help companies adapt to China as necessary.

Functional and tactical issues: We will also provide material on a variety of functional and tactical issues in China. Example topics include supply chain, banking, recruiting and retention, establishing a company, expat preparation, operational improvement, getting started in China, etc.

Do You Know What You Don’t Know About Doing Business in China

  “I thought the investment banker’s admission was ironic and fairly hilarious, and that was before the stock price of the company he represented collapsed.”   It was a dinner…

We Need You in China

Is China becoming a core competence in your industry/company/career? As foreign companies become more deeply involved in China, they need more of their personnel to know how to be effective…

Surviving (Business) in China

I’ve been mugged, robbed, and hustled in China.  I’ve survived…. sandstorms, hotel fires, coal mines, and state-sponsored industrial espionage.  I spent most of my time in places most foreigners have…