Trade War Dashboard, 6/11/19

Trade War Dashboard, 6/4/19

The Trade War Dashboard, 5/22/19

Trade War Dashboard, 5/3/19

A quick, easy way to stay up to date on the Trade War.    

Chinese Negotiating 101: The Last Minute Change

I can sympathize with the Trump administration.  Twenty some years ago, after our prospective Chinese joint venture partner made a dramatic, last-minute change in its position, we had to scuttle…

Trade War Dashboard (4/17/19)

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Trade War Dashboard, 9/12/18

Keeping you up to date on the ongoing trade war.  Links to related articles and our background videos below.   Summary:   US-Mexico Deal: Mexico and the US have reached…

Why the US-Mexico Deal Could be a Big Deal

The US-Mexico trade deal virtually assures that it will become more expensive to make cars in Mexico, which raises the possibility that some auto manufacturing will leave Mexico.  But those…

Is China the Big, Bad Wolf of the Steel Industry, Part 2

Is China the big, bad wolf of the global steel industry, wreaking havoc on markets and companies around the world?  This is the 4th in our series on steel tariffs…