500% Steel Tariffs and the “Economic War” with China

“The Chinese government is a company disguised as a country and they are waging economic war on the United States.”    This statement, by American Iron & Steel Institute Chairman…

Trump v. China, Round 1: The Art of The Deal v. The Art of War

According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the five dangerous faults which may affect a general include the following: 1.) Recklessness, which leads to destruction; 2.) a hasty temper,…

Trump’s “Raping Us” Comment Keeps China in the Crosshairs

“We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.  That’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world.”  For anyone who thought Donald Trump…

Could China Push the US into Recession?

China is a concern, but not reason to panic   It seems like every time the Chinese stock market takes a big drop, so does ours.  When China reports particularly…

Three reasons we don’t need to fear China

And one reason to be a little worried     Given events between China and the US over the last year, including showdowns over the South China Sea, cyber space,…

Can Trump Really “Win” Against China

Donald Trump has been saying that China is “killing” the US and, if he’s president, we will “win” against China.  Can The Donald actually do what he claims?  Can he “win” against China?  I would say the answer is “yes and no,” and depends to a large degree on how you define “win.”

Why (Some) Conservatives Are Wrong About China

A bit of perspective helps correct misperceptions     Let me begin by saying I am a conservative.  So the comments below are not meant to be disparaging of those…

Chinese History Lesson 2: PUSHING (DRUGS) INTO CHINA

As trade with China grew countries like England ran a trade deficit with China which led to the outflow of silver to pay for Chinese imports. Opium sales, from opium raised in India, reverses the outflow of silver.  

Chinese History Lesson 1: THE MANCHU TAKEOVER

Tribes from the north, who weren’t actually Han Chinese, conquered China. Out with the Ming and in with the Qing. Because northeastern China was known as “Manchruria,” they were called Manchus, like the moustache, although they were more famous for their hair style…

This month in a nutshell

This month in a nutshell

A “secret” summit and

an economy that can’t gain traction


Xi visits Obama (and America hardly noticed)

Presidential summits are usually long on hype and short on substance. This one was short on both. President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US was timed to coincide with the Pope’s visit