China is different. Those differences matter, to business and also to understanding China’s likely path in the future. This book describes the most important ways in which China is different and explains how those differences impact business and China’s future.


You don’t have time to read all that is important about China. So we do it for you. The CLC’s Newsletter is the easiest, most efficient way for you to stay current on China and acquire the information you need to make your own judgments about China.


Speaking a foreign language well, whether it be English for Chinese people or Chinese for foreigners, can be critical to success.  CLC has specially designed programs to help students and professionals go from proficient to fluent in English or Chinese.


China is so huge it can’t help but attract attention. There is no shortage of issues debated on China, many of which have direct bearing on the risk of doing business in China. We track the key issues, collect information, offer our analysis, and put you in a positon to form your own opinion.

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